Nike Tournament of Champions

July 9-12, 2019
Chicago, IL



Nike’s flagship girls basketball events – the Tournament of Champions and Nike Nationals – return to Chicago on July 10, 11, and 12, 2019.

After a banner year in 2018 which saw record breaking participation and attendance – including a two day appearance by NBA superstar Kevin Durant – the tournaments are moving back into the South Hall at McCormick Place to allow for an expansion to nearly 900 teams.

With K.D. handing out the awards to Divisional Champions – after a stunning buzzer beater in the Nike Nationals Championship that was #3 on ESPN’s Top 10 Plays of the Day  – the event exploded on social media and set the stage for even more thrills and surprises in 2019.

There is little doubt that Nike’s iconic Tournament of Champions (est. 1999) is the most competitive club basketball event in the world; combined with Nike Nationals (est. 2005) – which is the culmination of the Portland, OR based apparel company’s Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) – it has transformed Chicago into a mecca for girls’ basketball and the #1 stop for the nation’s most elite youth teams and the college coaches following them.

The combined tournaments – which will play together for a third consecutive year – have generated as much buzz for their off court excitement as the on court heroics. In 2019 the events will occupy almost one million square feet inside McCormick Place, and together they will host 880 teams from all 50 States and every Canadian province, including all 32 Nike EYBL programs and the majority of the best club basketball teams in the nation.

Chicago itself is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and trails only New York City as the most popular city in America. McCormick Place –  the largest convention center in North America and the only building on the continent large enough to host the Tournament of Champions – stands on the shore of Lake Michigan, just minutes from downtown Chicago. Many of the city’s best hotels have partnered with the event to provide accommodations, and a shuttle service will transport athletes, coaches, and fans between downtown and the convention center.


Ticket sales end on: July 7, 2019

Start: July 9, 2018 Finish: July 12, 2019

Nike Tournament of Champions #1


Additional Information

All coaches must have a USA Basketball Coach License prior to the event. Individuals without valid licenses will not be permitted to engage in coaching activities or sit on the team bench, and must purchase a spectator pass and sit in the designated spectator area(s). The License application may be found here.

All athletes and coaches must be registered in the NCAA BBCS. Returning users should renew their previous account and not create a new one. For team events, coaches will use their players’ registration to create their bench/roster. Visit the NCAA BBCS here.

For more information on athlete and coach registration and for access to the ECAG User Manual, visit the NCAA basketball certification website by clicking here.

All athletes must have a parent or legal guardian sign our online Waiver of Liability by June 8. Players without signed waivers will not be allowed to compete or to attend the event, no exceptions. Parents must use their own computer or device (home or office) to sign the waiver and enter their own email addresses (not their daughter’s). Multiple waivers signed from the same IP address or device will be rejected (this is necessary to prevent one person from signing all waivers). Any attempt to defraud this system will result in removal from the event.

In order to insure that all of your athletes are eligible to compete, it is very important to direct parents and guardians to complete the Parent or Guardian Waiver of Liability

Each team will be required to provide either the scorekeeper or timer for each of their games. The home team will keep score and the visiting team will operate the scoreboard.

Each team will be provided with one complimentary scorekeeper tournament pass and one complimentary shuttle pass (combined value, $82), both of which will be included in your registration materials. Please be sure that the person you designate is familiar with basketball scorekeeping and portable (tabletop) scoreboards.

Each team is responsible for providing its own basketballs, drinking water, and training supplies (tape and pre-wrap).

Certified athletic trainers will be available from 7:30 A.M. until the conclusion of the last game on each day. Trainer stations will be clearly marked and located throughout the Hall. Players wishing to be be taped prior to games are responsible for providing their own tape and pre-wrap.

For College Coaches

NIKE Nationals – the championship for both the U17 and U16 Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) – will be played concurrently with the Tournament of Champions at McCormick Place. There is no additional cost for college coaches attend. 

The combined events will feature up to 784 teams: sixty-four in Nike Nationals (32 in each age group) and 720 in the Tournament of Champions (divided into sixty, 12-team divisions). In all,

McCormick place is the largest convention center in North America.  Games will be played in the North Building (Hall B1) and Lakeside Center (Halls D1-2).  The Halls are connected by skybridge (a three minute walk).  A total of 72 regulation sized basketball courts will be constructed in Halls.

Games will begin between 8:00 A.M. and 8:30 A.M. on Tuesday, July 10 and conclude at 5:00 P.M. on Thursday, July 12.  The Divisional Championships for the Tournament of Champions will be played at 3:30 P.M. on July 12; the Championship games for Nike Nationals will be held at 11:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M.  Each team is guaranteed five games; in all, 1,960 games will be played over three days.

All college coaches must register before the event (highly recommended, see below) or at the door.  Registration details will be released prior to the event.

Recruiting guides are available but not required for admission. If you choose not to purchase a guide, you may purchase a day pass which will allow you access to collegiate seating.  College coaches without appropriate credentials or attempting to gain access using parent/spectator tickets will be asked to leave and may be subject to further NCAA penalties).

PRE-REGISTERING (Read Carefully)
We strongly encourage coaches to pre purchase recruiting guides prior to the event.  It will greatly speed up the registration process when you arrive (the lines for the event tend to be very long even when maximally staffed).  Registration details will be released prior to the event.


For Athletes

Information coming soon.

Adult tournament passes may be purchased online in advance of the event (discounted passes for children under 12 and seniors over 55 are available on site only). Passes purchased online will be available at will call beginning at 7:30 A.M. on Tuesday, July 10 in the main concourse of the North Building at McCormick Place. Photo ID is required.

Passes may also be purchased on site through the McCormick Place Box Office. Ticket kiosks will be located on the main concourse outside South Hall. McCormick Place accepts cash only.

Infinity Transportation operates a shuttle between select Downtown hotels and the Convention Center. All rostered, uniformed athletes and coaches with credentials and USAB licenses ride the shuttle free of charge. Parents, family, and fans may purchase an unlimited shuttle pass for $27 either online or on-site (cash only on site). This is a tremendous value as just one trip, one-way in a taxi or Uber can exceed $15 without tip.

Shuttles will run continuously beginning at 6:30 A.M. each day and stop every 30 minutes at each of the designated stops.

Players in uniform ride free.  Team coaches ride free by presenting their coaching wristband.

NOTE: Since you will not have shuttle passes until you reach McCormick Place for the first time, all riders may board the shuttle one time, one-way only from the hotels on the morning of July 10. All subsequent trips will require a pass, which can be picked up or purchased at the shuttle sales counter in the North Building at McCormick Place.

Certified athletic trainers (provided by Athletico) will be available at clearly marked stations throughout the Halls. Any athlete wishing to be taped prior to her game(s) must provide her own tape and pre-wrap; no training supplies will be provided apart from those required in an emergency.

All games will be played in the South Building.

For spectators driving to the event, the least expensive parking lot is outdoor Lot B ($15). Lots A and C are covered but more expensive. Please note that the tournament does not establish parking costs or benefit from them in any way.


McCormick Place
2301 S King Drive
Chicago, IL 60616


Please note that all participating teams (athletes and coaches) must stay in a tournament approved hotel and make reservations through the link provided by the Tournament of Champions’ exclusive housing partner.  Teams staying in a hotel not approved by the tournament and/or making reservations outside tournament blocks will be ineligible for the event. Athletes and coaches must arrive anytime on or before July 9 and may depart anytime after 7:00 P.M. on July 12.
We have negotiated some of the lowest summertime rates you will ever see at AAA Four-Diamond hotels in Downtown Chicago. A shuttle service featuring motor coaches provided by Infinity Transportation will operate between the downtown area and McCormick Place; the shuttle is complimentary for credentialed athletes and coaches and $25 for three days for friends, family, and fans.
We suggest making reservations early as Chicago is in very high demand in the summer and hotels will sell out very quickly.
The booking link will be available on March 1st, 2019.
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Team Carolina
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Team Carolina All-Stars 17U
Team Carolina Harrell
Team Carolina-Tipton
Team Concept Oregon
Team Durant 16U
Team Durant 17U
Team Elite 10th EYBL
Team Elite 10th TG
Team Elite 11th EYBL
Team Elite 11th TG
Team Elite 7th Sims
Team Elite 8th Brown
Team Elite 9th Bell
Team Elite Hubbard 8th
Team Elite Legacy 10th
Team Elite Legacy 11th
Team Fast
Team Fast 16U EYBL
Team Fast 17U EYBL
Team Intensity Elite
Team Iowa 2023
Team Iowa Blue
Team Iowa Navy
Team Iowa Red
Team Iowa Silver
Team Iowa White
Team Manitoba 14U
Team Manitoba 17U
Team Nebraska Express (TNE)
Team Nite Nite 15U DeShields
Team Ontario – U17
Team Ontario U14
Team Ontario U15
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Team Takeover Johnson
Team Takeover Nike 2022
Team Takeover Nike Foreman
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Team United 2022
Texas Select
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The Truth 15U Love
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The Truth 17U Colletti
The Truth 17U Smith
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The Truth Copenhaver
The Truth Olson
TN Flight 16U EYBL
TN Flight 17U EYBL
Top Flight Elite Sacramento
Toronto Matrix (White)
Toronto Matrix JR
Toronto Matrix SR Black
Tree of Hope 16U EYBL
Tree of Hope 17U EYBL
TriState Express 17U
Tucson Rattlers Black
U15 Blue Star Ontario – Keltos
U16 Blue Star Ontario – Baillie
United NJ (15-Navy)
United NJ (16-Navy)
United NJ (16-White)
United NJ (17-Navy)
United NJ (17-White)
VA Lady Storm
Virginia Hurricanes
VK Basketball U17 Black
VK Basketball U17 Red
Vogues 17
Vogues- Priest-10th
Vogues-Priester -10th
Way to Win Gold
WBA Lady Knicks Gold
WBA Lady Knicks Silver
West Coast Premier 16U EYBL
West Coast Premier 17U EYBL
West Suburban Dream – IL 2021
West Valley Elite
West Valley Select
WI Elite Johnson
WI Elite Staveness
WI Flight Elite – Silver
WI Flight Elite 13u Adidas
WI Flight Elite 14u Adidas
WI Flight Elite 16u Adidas EAST
WI Flight Elite 16u Adidas WEST
WI Playmakers – 13U Becker
WI Playmakers – 16/17U Becker
WI Playmakers – 17U Patrick
Wi. Playground Elite – Akers
Wi. Playground Elite – Davis
Wi. Playground Elite – McPherson
Wi. Playground Elite – Smith
Wisconsin Blaze 2020 Black
Wisconsin Blaze 2021
Wisconsin Blaze Inferno
Wisconsin Blizzard 15U Chase
Wisconsin Blizzard 16U Hawley
Wisconsin Blizzard 17U Chase
Wisconsin Blizzard 17U Hawley
Wisconsin Buzzsaw U15
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Wisconsin Impact 2021
Wisconsin Impact 2022
Wisconsin Lakers 2019 Black
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Wisconsin Lakers 2020 White
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Wisconsin Lakers 2021 Yellow
Wisconsin Lakers 2022 Black
Wisconsin Lakers 2022 White
Wisconsin Playground Elite Tatum
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WisRAP 2020
WisRAP 2021
Wyoming Beasts 14u
Wyoming Beasts 16u
Wyoming Beasts 17u
Yanders Law- Morlan
YNBA Avengers (FARIA)
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Attending College Coaches

To RSVP please click here.

List includes only those coaches that have RSVP’d and may not be complete.

Abilene Christian University Assistant Coach Erik DeRoo
Academy of Art University Head Coach Camille Williams
Agnes Scott College Head Coach Albert Biggs
Agnes Scott College Assistant Coach Mackenzie Garmony
Air Force Academy Head Coach Chris Gobrecht
Air Force Academy Assistant Coach Erin Mills-Reid
Air Force Academy Assistant Coach Stacy McIntyre
American University Assistant Coach Emily Stallings
American University Head Coach Megan Gebbia
American University Assistant Coach Nikki Flores
American University Tiffany Coll
Appalachian State Assistant Coach Kate Dempsey
Arizona State University Head Coach Charli Turner Thorne
Arkansas Little Rock Assistant Coach Steve Wiedower
Army West Point Head Coach Dave Magarity
Army West Point Associate Head Coach Lisa Strack
Assumption College Head Coach Kerry Phayre
Assumption College Associate Head Coach Sue Cahill
Auburn University Assistant Coach Clarisse Garcia
Auburn University Head Coach Terri Flournoy
Austin Peay Head Coach David Midlick
Ball State Assistant Coach Audrey Spencer
Ball State Assistant Coach Bri Kulas
Bard College Head Coach Casi Donelan
Bates College Head Coach Alison Montgomery
Bellevue University Head Coach Dave Denly
Belmont University Assistant Coach Jamey Givens
Bethune Cookman Assistant Coach Demetria Frank
Binghamton University Head Coach Bethann Ord
BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY Assistant Coach Cariann Ramirez
BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY Assistant Coach Cody Butler
BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY Head Coach Gordy Presnell
BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY Assistant Coach Heather Sower
Boston University Assistant Coach Elizabeth Belanger
Boston University Head Coach Marisa Moseley
Bradley University Head Coach Andrea Gorski
Bradley University Assistant Coach Christena Hamilton
Brigham Young University Assistant Coach Ashley Garfield
Brown University Assistant Coach Sara Binkhorst
Bryant University Assistant Coach Jonathan Parsons
Bryant University Head Coach Mary Burke
Bryn Mawr College Head Coach Becky Tyler
Bucknell University Head Coach Aaron Roussell
Bucknell University Assistant Coach Brittany Pinkney
Bucknell University Assistant Coach Darren Guensch
Bucknell University Assistant Coach Jeanine Radice
Cal Associate Head Coach Charmin Smith
Cal Assistant Coach Kai Felton
Cal Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb
Cal Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb
Cal State Fullerton Assistant Coach Charel Allen
Cal State Fullerton Assistant Coach Karlie Burris
California Baptist University Head Coach Jarrod Olson
California Baptist University Assistant Coach Jessica Case
California State Bakersfield Associate Head Coach Xavier Johnson
California State University Northridge Associate Head Coach Lindsey Foster
Calvin College Head Coach Chuck Winkelman
Campbell University Assistant Coach Megan Hall
Canisius College Assistant Coach Christina Weaver
Canisius College Associate Head Coach Megan Shoniker
Canisius College Head Coach Scott Hemer
Carleton College Head Coach Cassie Kosiba
Carleton College Assistant Coach Chris Dalhed
Carthage College Assistant Coach Maggie McCloskey-Bax
Carthage College Head Coach Tim Bernero
Central College Head Coach Joe Steinkamp
Central Connecticut State University Assistant Coach Kerri Reaves
Central Michigan University Associate Head Coach Heather Oesterle
Clark University Assistant Coach Denisha Parks
Clemson University Assistant Coach Joy Cheek
Clemson University Assistant Coach Joy Cheek
Cleveland State University Head Coach Chris Kielsmeier
Cleveland State University Assistant Coach Frozena Jerro
Coastal Carolina Assistant Coach Alaina Jordan
Coe College Head Coach Kayla Waskow
Colby College Head Coach Brittany Gaetano
Colby College Assistant Coach Jamie Insel
Colgate University Assistant Coach Lauren Ellis
Colgate University Head Coach William Cleary
College Of Central Florida Head Coach Andrea Mize
College Of Central Florida Assistant Coach Veronica Ryan
College of the Holy Cross Associate Head Coach Ann McInerney
College of the Holy Cross Assistant Coach Matt Raquet
Colorado College Head Coach Katherine Menendez
Colorado Mesa University Assistant Coach Hannah Pollart
Colorado Northwestern Head Coach Sherryl Klosterman
Colorado State University Associate Head Coach Rico Burkett
Colorado State University Assistant Coach Rico Burkett
Colorado State University Assistant Coach Rico Burkett
Concordia University St. Paul Assistant Coach Kristen Lee
Coppin State University Assistant Coach DeWayne Burroughs
Cornell College Assistant Coach Lindsay Smith
Cornell University Head Coach Dayna Smith
Cornell University Assistant Coach Valerie Klopfer
Creighton Assistant Coach Carli Tritz
Creighton Assistant Coach Chevy Saunsoci
Creighton Assistant Coach Linda Sayavongchanh
Dartmouth College Head Coach Belle Koclanes
Dartmouth College Assistant Coach Kelcie Rombach
Davenport University Assistant Coach Bryan Applin
Davenport University Assistant Coach Meredith Shipman
Davidson College Assistant Coach Kevi Boykin
Davidson College Assistant Coach Robyn Scherr-Wells
DePaul University Candis Blankson
DePaul University Head Coach Doug Bruno
DePaul University Associate Head Coach Jill Pizzotti
DePauw University Assistant Coach Annie Bourne
DePauw University Head Coach Kristin Huffman
Des Moines Area Community College Assistant Coach Caitlin Ingle
Des Moines Area Community College Assistant Coach Jocelyn Kovarik
Dickinson College Head Coach Emily Hays
Drake University Head Coach Jennie Baranczyk
Drake University Assistant Coach Markisha Wright
Drexel University Associate Head Coach Amy Mallon
Drexel University Head Coach Denise Dillon
Drury University Assistant Coach Emily Ragsdale
Duke University Associate Head Coach Hernando Planells
Duke University Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie
Duke University Assistant Coach Rene Haynes
Duquesne University Assistant Coach Rachel Wojdowski
East Tennesse State University Assistant Coach Christopher Lewis
Eastern Illinois University Assistant Coach Kyley Simmons
Embry-Riddle University Assistant Coach Gianna Messin
Embry-Riddle University Assistant Coach Shannon Murphy
Emporia State University Assistant Coach Kiel Unruh
Evansville Assistant Coach Karyla Middlebrook
Evansville Head Coach Matt Ruffing
Fairfield University Associate Head Coach Laura Scinto
FDU-Florham Assistant Coach Vicky Beneventine
FGCU Head Coach Karl Smesko
Florida Atlantic University Assistant Coach Desma Thomas
Florida Atlantic University Head Coach Jim Jabir
Florida Atlantic University Terry Primm
Florida State University Associate Head Coach Brooke Wyckoff
Florida State University Assistant Coach JC Carter
Fordham University Associate Head Coach Angelika Szumilo
Fordham University Head Coach Stephanie Gaitley
Fresno State Head Coach Jaime White
Fresno State Associate Head Coach Mandi CARVER
Fresno State Associate Head Coach Mandi CARVER
Fresno State Assistant Coach Shannon Bush
Fresno State Assistant Coach Shannon Bush
Furman University Assistant Coach Pierre Curtis
George Mason University Head Coach Nyla Milleson
George Mason University Assistant Coach Tajama Ngongba
George Washington University Assistant Coach Ganiyat Adeduntan
George Washington University Head Coach Jen Rizzotti
Georgetown University Assistant Coach Andre Bolton
Georgetown University Assistant Coach Erin Dickerson
Georgetown University Head Coach James Howard
Georgetown University Assistant Coach Niki Geckeler
Georgia Southern University Assistant Coach Toby Wagoner
Georgia Tech Assistant Coach Mark Simons
Gonzaga University Head Coach Craig Fortier
Gonzaga University Head Coach Lisa Fortier
Gordon College Head Coach Carter Shaw
Grambling State University Head Coach Freddie Murray
Grand Canyon University Head Coach Nicole Powell
Grand Canyon University Assistant Coach Nikki Blue
Hamilton College Head Coach Mahogany Green
Harvard University Assistant Coach Jasmine Sborov
Harvard University Head Coach Kathy Delaney-Smith
Hawaii Assistant Coach Alex Delanian
Hawaii Assistant Coach Courtney Locke
Hawaii Head Coach Laura Beeman
hofstra Head Coach krista kilburn
Howard University Assistant Coach Tamoria Holmes
Idaho State University Assistant Coach Bryanna Mueller
Idaho State University Associate Head Coach Ryan Johnson
Idaho State University Head Coach Seton Sobolewski
Illinois College Assistant Coach Brita Hand
Illinois College Head Coach Jennifer McCormick
Indiana State University Assistant Coach Quacy Barnes Timmons
Indiana State University Head Coach Vicki Hall
Indiana University Assistant Coach Glenn Box
Indiana University Assistant Coach Rhet Wierzba
Indiana University Head Coach Teri Moren
Iona College Associate Head Coach Ashlee Kelly
Iona College Assistant Coach Briana Hutchen
Iowa State University Head Coach Bill Fennelly
Iowa State University Assistant Coach Billy Fennelly
Iowa State University Associate Head Coach Jodi Steyer
Jacksonville State University Assistant Coach Eric Wise
Jacksonville State University Head Coach Rick Pietri
James Madison University Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach Bridgette Mitchell
John Wood Community College Head Coach Norman Rodriguez
Judson University Associate Head Coach Sarah Nelson
Kansas State University Associate Head Coach Brian Ostermann
Kansas State University Assistant Coach Chris Carr
Kansas State University Head Coach Jeff Mittie
Lafayette College Assistant Coach Jennifer Montoya
Lafayette College Head Coach Kia Damon
Lamar University Associate Head Coach Randy Schneider
Lamar University Head Coach Robin Harmony
Lawrence University Head Coach Riley Woldt
Lehigh University Associate Head Coach Glenn Rigney
Lehigh University Head Coach Susan Troyan
Lewis University Head Coach Samantha Quigley Smith
Liberty University Head Coach Carey Green
Liberty University Assistant Coach Monica Wright
Lipscomb University Head Coach Greg Brown
Long Beach State Assistant Coach Kevin Adams
Loras College Assistant Coach Brit Kent
Loras College Head Coach Justin Heinzen
Louisiana State University Assistant Coach Tasha Butts
Loyola Chicago Assistant Coach Bianca Smith
Loyola Chicago Head Coach Kate Achter
Loyola Chicago Assistant Coach Maria Noucas
Loyola Chicago Assistant Coach Michael Scruggs
Loyola University Maryland Assistant Coach Jenna Loschiavo
Loyola University Maryland Head Coach Joe Logan
Loyola University Maryland Assistant Coach Sarah Jones
Macalester College Head Coach Pamela Findlay
Manhattan College Assistant Coach Allie Bassetti
Manhattan College Assistant Coach Callan Taylor
Manhattan College Heather Vulin
Marist College Head Coach Brian Giorgis
Marist College Assistant Coach Keila Whittington
Marquette University Head Coach Carolyn Kieger
Marquette University Assistant Coach Ginny Boggess
Marquette University Assistant Coach Scott Merritt
Marshall University Assistant Coach Stephanie Reed
Maryland Head Coach Brenda Frese
Maryland Assistant Coach Karen Blair
Mercer University Assistant Coach Ben Wierzba
Metropolitan State Univ of Denver Assistant Coach Alexa Hardick
Metropolitan State Univ of Denver Assistant Coach David Wells
Miami University Assistant Coach Justine Raterman
Michigan State Assistant Coach Alysiah Bond
Michigan State Head Coach Maria Fantanarosa
Michigan State Head Coach Suzy Merchant
Michigan Technological University Head Coach Sam Hoyt
Middle Tennessee State University Assistant Coach Matt Insell
Millikin University Head Coach Olivia Lett
Minot State University Assistant Coach Karen Senette
Minot State University Head Coach Mark Graupe
Mississippi State University Head Coach Vic Schaefer
Missouri State University Assistant Coach Ashley Houts
Missouri State University Assistant Coach Jessica Jackson
Missouri State University Assistant Coach Jessica Jackson
Mitchell College Head Coach Courtney Burns
Monmouth University Assistant Coach Kira Mowen
Montana State University Assistant Coach Kati Mobley
Montana State University Head Coach Tricia Binford
Mount St. Mary’s University Head Coach Maria Marchesano
Muhlenberg College Head Coach Ronald ROhn
NAVY Assistant Coach Jimmy Colloton
NC State University Assistant Coach Simon Harris
NC State University Head Coach Wes Moore
Nebraska Kearney Head Coach Carrie Eighmey
Nebraska Kearney Head Coach Devin Eighmey
New Jersey Institute of Technology Assistant Coach Aaron Gratch
New Jersey Institute of Technology Assistant Coach LaTonya Watson
New Mexico State Head Coach Brooke Atkinson
Niagara University Head Coach Jada Pierce
Niagara University Assistant Coach Jamie Smith
Nichols College Head Coach MaryLynn Skarzenski
Norfolk State University Head Coach Larry Vickers
North Dakota State Univeristy Assistant Coach Keith Dickhudt
North Dakota State Univeristy Assistant Coach Morgan Paige
North Park University Head Coach Amanda Crockett
Northeastern University Assistant Coach Amanda Pennewell
Northeastern University Head Coach Kelly Cole
Northeastern University Assistant Coach Whitney Edwards
Northeastern University Assistant Coach Whitney Edwards
Northern Arizona University Assistant Coach Brandon Huntley
Northern Arizona University Head Coach Loree Payne
NORTHERN COLORADO UNIVERSITY Assistant Coach Christian Blanks-Northern Colorado University
NORTHERN COLORADO UNIVERSITY Assistant Coach Jana Pearson – Northern Colorado University
NORTHERN COLORADO UNIVERSITY Head Coach Jennifer Huth-Northern Colorado University
Northern Iowa Associate Head Coach Brad Nelson
Northern Iowa Assistant Coach KK Armstrong
Northern Iowa Assistant Coach Steven Fennelly
Northern Iowa Head Coach Tanya Warren
Northern Kentucky University Assistant Coach Ashley Earley
Northern Kentucky University Assistant Coach Kayla Bowlin
Northern State University Assistant Coach Kelsie Kruger
Northwestern University Head Coach Joe McKeown
Northwestern University Assistant Coach Preston Reid
Northwood University Assistant Coach Autumn Haggadone
Oakland University Assistant Coach Andrea Williams
Ohio State University Assistant Coach Carrie Banks
Ohio State University Assistant Coach Jennifer Sullivan
Ohio State University Associate Head Coach Patrick Klein
Ohio University Head Coach Bob Boldon
Ohio University Assistant Coach Marwan Miller
Oklahoma State University Assistant Coach Ashley Davis
Oklahoma State University Head Coach Jim Littell
Olivet College Head Coach Zach Ingles
OREGON Assistant Coach Jodie Berry
OREGON Head Coach Kelly Graves
OREGON Associate Head Coach Mark Campbell
OREGON Assistant Coach Xavi Lopez
Oregon State University Assistant Coach Katie Baker
Pepperdine University Assistant Coach BJ Porter
Point Loma Nazarene University Assistant Coach Jesse Clark
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Head Coach Jill Pace
Portland State University Assistant Coach Keithan Gregg
Princeton University Assistant Coach Addie Micir
Princeton University Assistant Coach Carrie Moore
Princeton University Head Coach Courtney Banghart
Providence College Associate Head Coach Priscilla Edwards
Purdue Fort Wayne Assistant Coach Haley Seibert
Purdue Fort Wayne Head Coach Niecee Nelson
Purdue University Associate Head Coach Nadine Morgan
Purdue University Head Coach Sharon Versyp
Purdue University Northwest Assistant Coach Darien Thompson
Purdue University Northwest Head Coach Tom Megyesi
Quinnipiac University Assistant Coach Brian Wilson
Quinnipiac University Assistant Coach Destini Hughes-Santos
Regis College Head Coach Angela Santa Fe
Regis College Assistant Coach Sarah Assante
Regis University Assistant Coach Taylor Harris
Rice University Assistant Coach Latara King
Rice University Assistant Coach Lee Aduddell
Rider University Head Coach Lynn Milligan
Rider University Assistant Coach Marritta Gillcrease
Rider University Associate Head Coach Pam Durkin
Ripon College Women’s Basketball Head Coach Lauren Johnson
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Head Coach Jon Prevo
Rutgers University Assistant Coach Kelley Gibson
Rutgers University Assistant Coach Nadine Domond
Sacramento State Assistant Coach Derrick Florence
Sacred Heart University Assistant Coach Yolanda Cole
Saint Joseph’s University Head Coach Cindy Griffin
Saint Joseph’s University John Hampton
Saint Joseph’s University Associate Head Coach Susan Moran
Saint Louis University Head Coach Lisa Stone
Saint Louis University Assistant Coach Olivia Applewhite
Saint Mary’s College Assistant Coach Danielle Mauldin
Saint Mary’s College Assistant Coach Lisa O’Meara
Saint Mary’s College Assistant Coach Lisa O’Meara
Saint Mary’s College Head Coach Paul Thomas
Saint Mary’s College Head Coach Paul Thomas
Saint Mary’s College (Indiana) Head Coach Melissa Makielski
Saint Xavier University Head Coach Bob Hallberg
Samford University Head Coach Mike Morris
San Diego State University Assistant Coach Kevin Morrison
San Diego State University Assistant Coach Nicholas Grant
San Diego State University Head Coach Stacie Terry
San Diego State University Head Coach Stacie Terry
San Jose State University Assistant Coach Alle Moreno
San Jose State University Assistant Coach Arielle Wideman
San Jose State University Assistant Coach Carlotta Kloppenburg
Santa Clara University Head Coach Bill Carr
Santa Clara University Assistant Coach Kristin Iwanaga
Santa Clara University Associate Head Coach Michael Floyd
Sarah Lawrence College Head Coach Bradley Alexander
Seattle University Associate Head Coach Joddie Gleason
Seattle University Assistant Coach Skip Gleason
Seattle University Toni Thomas
Seton Hall University Head Coach Anthony Bozzella
Seton Hall University Assistant Coach Lauren DeFalco
Seton Hall University Head Coach Marissa Flagg
Shavon Earp Associate Head Coach Shavon Earp
Siena College Head Coach Ali Jaques515
SIUEdwardsville Assistant Coach Joey Wells
SIUEdwardsville Head Coach Paula Buscher
Smith College Assistant Coach Jen MacAulay
Smith College Head Coach Lynn Hersey
SMU Assistant Coach Erica White
SMU Head Coach Travis Mays
South Dakota School of Mines Head Coach Ryan Larsen
South Dakota State University Head Coach Aaron Johnston
South Dakota State University Carissa Thielbar
South Dakota State University Assistant Coach Megan Lueck
South Dakota State University Associate Head Coach Mike Jewett
South Florida Associate Head Coach Michele Woods-Baxter
Southeast Missouri State University Associate Head Coach Marc Wilson
Southern Illinois University- Carbondale Amanda Hanneman
Southern Illinois University- Carbondale Associate Head Coach Christellle N’Garsanet
Southern Illinois University- Carbondale Head Coach Cindy Stein
Southern Utah University Assistant Coach Jay Johnson
Southern Utah University Assistant Coach Tony Giannotti
Southern Utah University Head Coach Tracy Sanders
St Lawrence University Assistant Coach Lauren McRoberts
St. Bonaventure University Assistant Coach Maggie Serratelli Latimer
St. Francis College Head Coach Linda Cimino
St. Francis College Assistant Coach Sean Smith
St. John’s university Associate Head Coach Jonath Nicholas
St. John’s university Assistant Coach Rory Kuhn
Stanford Associate Head Coach Kate Paye
Stanford Assistant Coach Tempie Brown
Stephen F. Austin State University Assistant Coach Leonard Bishop
Stephen F. Austin State University Head Coach Mark Kellogg
Stephens College Head Coach Joshua Steffen
Stetson University – Athletics Department Assistant Coach Otavio Battaglia
Stevens Institute of Technology Assistant Coach Madeline Ehrich
Stevens Institute of Technology Head Coach Megan Haughey
Stevens Institute of Technology Head Coach Megan Haughey
Stevenson University Assistant Coach Tyrell Howard-Franklin
Stony Brook University (State University of New York) Assistant Coach Janie Mitchell
Syracuse University Assistant Coach Tammi Reiss
TCU Assistant Coach Britney Brown
TCU Associate Head Coach Hanna Howard
TCU Head Coach Raegan Pebley
Temple university Head Coach Tonya Cardoza
Texas A&M University Associate Head Coach Kelly Bond White
Texas Tech University Assistant Coach Erin Grant
Texas Tech University Associate Head Coach Nikita Dawkins
The Master’s University Head Coach Dan Waldeck
The Master’s University Assistant Coach Lena Kelley
The University of Southern Mississippi Associate Head Coach Kiley Hill
The University of Texas at El Paso Assistant Coach Lori Morris
The University of Texas at El Paso Assistant Coach Michael Madrid
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Assistant Coach Blake Huber
The University of Tulsa Assistant Coach Leah Foster
Towson University Assistant Coach Dana Wieller
Towson University Head Coach Diane Richardson
Towson University Assistant Coach Zach Kancher
Trinity Christian College Head Coach Bill DeRuiter
Trinity Christian College Assistant Coach Caleb Dutton
Tufts University Assistant Coach Lauren Dillon
Tulane University Assistant Coach Alan Frey
Tulane University Assistant Coach Doshia Woods
Tulane University Assistant Coach Elizabeth Dunkenberger
Tulane University Head Coach Lisa Stockton
UC Davis Assistant Coach Des Abeyta
UC Davis Assistant Coach Des Abeyta
UC Davis Head Coach Jennifer Gross
UC Davis Head Coach Jennifer Gross
UC Davis Associate Head Coach Joe Teramoto
UC Davis Associate Head Coach Joe Teramoto
UC Davis Assistant Coach Matt Klemin
UC Davis Assistant Coach Matt Klemin
UC San Diego Associate Head Coach Chelsea Carlisle
UC Santa Barbara Assistant Coach Eliza Pierre
UC Santa Barbara Assistant Coach Nathan Fripp
UCCS Assistant Coach Liz Doran
UCLA Head Coach Cori Close
UCLA Assistant Coach Shannon Perry
UCLA Assistant Coach Shannon Perry
UCLA Assistant Coach Tasha Brown
UCLA Assistant Coach Tony Newnan
UCLA Assistant Coach Tony Newnan
UCONN Associate Head Coach Chris Dailey
UCONN Assistant Coach Jasmine Lister
UIC Flames Head Coach Tasha Pointer (Yamoah)
UMBC Assistant Coach Chelsea Barker Walsh
UNC Asheville Assistant Coach Joyous Tharrington
UNCG Head Coach Trina Patterson
University at Albany Head Coach Colleen Mullen
University at Albany Assistant Coach Megan Methven
University Of Alabama Assistant Coach Tiffany Coppage
University of Alabama Birmingham Assistant Coach Dodie Dunson
University of Arizona Head Coach Adia Barnes
University of Arizona Assistant Coach Morgan Valley
University of Arizona Assistant Coach Salvo Coppa
University of Arkansas Assistant Coach Lacey Goldwire
University of Arkansas Head Coach Mike Neighbors
University of Cincinnati Assistant Coach Melissa Kolbe
University of Cincinnati Head Coach Michelle Clark-Heard
University of Colorado Assistant Coach Shandrika Lee
University of Dayton Assistant Coach Ryan Gensler
University of Delaware Assistant Coach Mykala Walker
University of Delaware Assistant Coach Sarah Jenkins
University of Denver Associate Head Coach Kayla Ard
University of Detroit Mercy Head Coach Bernard Scott
University of Detroit Mercy Assistant Coach Madison Ristovski
University of Florida Assistant Coach Kelly Finley
University of Georgia Head Coach Chelsea Newton
University of Georgia Head Coach Joni Taylor
University of Georgia Associate Head Coach Karen Lange
University of Hartford Associate Head Coach Cory McNeill
University of Hartford Head Coach Kim McNeill
University of Idaho Associate Head Coach Christa Sanford
University of Idaho Assistant Coach Drew Muscatell
University of Illinois Head Coach Nancy Fahey
University of Illinois Assistant Coach Steve Cochran
University of Incarnate Word Assistant Coach Marvin Walker
University of Indianapolis Head Coach Kristin Wodrich
University of Iowa Associate Head Coach Jan Jensen
University of Iowa Head Coach Jenni Fitzgerald
University of Iowa Head Coach Lisa Bluder
University of Iowa Assistant Coach Raina Harmon
University of Kansas Associate Head Coach Aqua Franklin
University of Kansas Head Coach Brandon Schneider
University of Kansas Jory Collins
University of Kentucky Head Coach Matthew Mitchell
University of Kentucky Assistant Coach Niya Butts
University of La Verne Head Coach Jason Pruitt
University of Louisiana Assistant Coach Amber Gregg
University of Louisville Associate Head Coach Stephanie Norman
University of Massachusetts Assistant Coach Candice Finley
University of Massachusetts Lowell Assistant Coach Denise King
University of Massachusetts Lowell Assistant Coach Taryn Johnson
University of Memphis Head Coach Melissa McFerrin
University of Michigan Head Coach Kim Barnes Arico
University of Michigan Associate Head Coach Melanie Moore
University of Minnesota Assistant Coach Carly Thibault-Dudonis
University of Minnesota Assistant Coach Melissa Maines
University of Minnesota Duluth Assistant Coach Becca Neuger
University of Minnesota Duluth Assistant Coach Jessie Mathews
University of Mississippi Assistant Coach Armintie Herrington
University of Mississippi Assistant Coach Tony Greene
University of Missouri Assistant Coach Ashleen Bracey
University of Montana Assistant Coach Michael Petrino
University of Nebraska Omaha Assistant Coach Janet Butler
University of Nebraska Omaha Assistant Coach Rodney Rogan
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Head Coach Amy Williams
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Assistant Coach Chuck Love
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Assistant Coach Tandem Mays
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Assistant Coach Tom Goehle
University of Nevada, Reno Head Coach Amanda Levens
University of Nevada, Reno Assistant Coach Shannon Gholar
University of New Hampshire Assistant Coach Kelsey Hogan
University of New Mexico Assistant Coach Bill Ferrara
University of New Mexico Head Coach Mike Bradbury
University of New Mexico Assistant Coach Valerie King
University of North Carolina Associate Head Coach Andrew Calder
University of North Carolina Assistant Coach Bett Shelby
University of North Carolina Head Coach Sylvia Hatchell
University of North Carolina – Charlotte Associate Head Coach Joanne Aluka-White
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA Assistant Coach Emily Evers
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA Assistant Coach Mallory Bernhard
University of North Florida Associate Head Coach David S. Lowery
University of North Texas Head Coach Jalie Mitchell
University of Notre Dame Assistant Coach Niele Ivey
University of Oklahoma Assistant Coach Colton Coale
University of Oklahoma Assistant Coach PAMELA DECOSTA
University of Oklahoma Head Coach Sherri Coale
University of Oklahoma Head Coach Sherri Coale
University of Pittsburgh Assistant Coach Josh Petersen
University of Pittsburgh Head Coach Lance White
University of Portland Assistant Coach Brianna Chambers
University of Portland Head Coach Cheryl Sorenson
University of Portland Assistant Coach Steve Lowe
University of Portland Assistant Coach Tiffany Gibson
University of Rhode Island Head Coach Daynia La-Force
University of Rhode Island Assistant Coach Velaida Harris
University of Richmond Head Coach Michael Shafer
University of San Diego Head Coach Cindy Fisher
University of San Diego Associate Head Coach Mary Ann Falcosky
University of San Francisco Associate Head Coach Katy Steding
University of Sioux Falls Assistant Coach Courtney Robinson
University of Sioux Falls Head Coach Travis Traphagen
University of South Carolina Assistant Coach Jolette Law
University of South Dakota Head Coach Dawn Plitzuweit
University of South Dakota Associate Head Coach Jason Jeschke
University of South Dakota Jenna Freudenberg
University of Tennessee Head Coach Holly Warlick
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Assistant Coach Debbie Black
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Head Coach Katie Burrows
University of Texas Assistant Coach George Washington
University of Texas Assistant Coach Jamie Carey
University of Texas Head Coach Karen Aston
University of Texas Assistant Coach Tiffany Jackson
University of Texas at Arlington Associate Head Coach Talby Justus
University of Texas at San Antonio Assistant Coach Elzbieta Mukosiej
University of the Pacific Assistant Coach Amy Starr
University of the Pacific Assistant Coach Amy Starr
University of the Pacific Head Coach Bradley Davis
University of the Pacific Head Coach Bradley Davis
University of Toledo Assistant Coach Danielle Page
University of Toledo Associate Head Coach Nitra Perry
University of Toledo Head Coach Tricia Cullop
University of Utah Assistant Coach Danyelle Snelgro
University of Utah Associate Head Coach Gavin Petersen
University of Utah Head Coach Lynne Roberts
University of Vermont Head Coach Alisa Kresge
University of Vermont Assistant Coach Dominique Bryant
University of Virginia Assistant Coach Jama Sharp
University of Virginia Assistant Coach Katherine Graham
University of Virginia Head Coach Tina Thompson
University of Washington Associate Head Coach Derek Wynn
University of Washington Head Coach Jody Wynn
University of Washington Assistant Coach Michelle Augustavo
University of Washington Assistant Coach Paul Reed
University of Wisconsin Assistant Coach Craig Carter
University of Wisconsin Head Coach Jonathan Tsipis
University of Wisconsin Assistant Coach Kayla Tetschlag
University of Wisconsin Assistant Coach Myia Johnson
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Assistant Coach Kim Wagers
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Head Coach Tonja Englund
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Assistant Coach Amanda Perry
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Head Coach Kevin Borseth
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Assistant Coach Megan Vogel
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Head Coach Brad Fischer
University of Wyoming Assistant Coach Heather Ezell
UNLV Associate Head Coach caitlin collier
Upper Iowa University Head Coach Micha Renee Thompson
US Merchant Marine Academy Head Coach Matthew Dempsey
Utah State Assistant Coach Ashley Gill
Utah State Assistant Coach Paris Johnson
UW-Green Bay Assistant Coach Amanda Perry
UW-Green Bay Assistant Coach Megan Vogel
UW-Milwaukee Assistant Coach Jaime Gluesing
UW-Stout Assistant Coach Alexis Foley
UW-Stout Head Coach Hannah Iverson
Vanderbilt University Assistant Coach Kelly Komara
Vanderbilt University Assistant Coach Kelly Komara
Vanderbilt University Head Coach Stephanie White
Vanderbilt University Head Coach Stephanie White
VCU Head Coach Beth O’Boyle
VCU Assistant Coach Nerlande Nicolas
Virginia Tech Assistant Coach Jen Brown
Wagner College Head Coach Heather Jacobs
Wake Forest Assistant Coach Dane Sparrow
Washington State University Head Coach Kamie Ethridge
Washington State University Associate Head Coach Laurie Koehn
Washington University, Saint Louis Head Coach Randi Henderson
Wesleyan University Head Coach Kate Mullen
West Virginia University Assistant Coach Christal Caldwell
West Virginia University Assistant Coach Lester Rowe
West Virginia University Head Coach Mike Carey
Western Kentucky University Head Coach Greg Collins
Western Kentucky University Assistant Coach Jocelyn Wyatt
Wheaton College (IL) Assistant Coach Allie Paluchniak
Wheaton College (IL) Head Coach Kent Madsen
wheaton college (MA) Head Coach Melissa L. Hodgdon
Whitman College Assistant Coach Kayla Engelhard
William & Mary Assistant Coach Chanel Murchison
William & Mary Head Coach Ed Swanson
William & Mary Assistant Coach Lynne Kokoski
William Jessup University Head Coach Kurt Westendorp
William Penn University Assistant Coach Jade Rogers
William Penn University Head Coach Steve Williamson
Williams College Head Coach Pat Manning
Wofford College Assistant Coach Mike Merrill
Xavier University Assistant Coach Christian Stefanopoulos
Yale Head Coach Allison Guth
Yale Assistant Coach Danielle Brown
Yale Assistant Coach Danielle Brown
Yale Assistant Coach Roman Owen
Yale Assistant Coach Roman Owen
Year Head Coach Barbara Ann Morgan
Youngstown State University Assistant Coach Courtney Davidson
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July 9, 2018 All teams arrive in Chicago
July 10, 2018 Competition begins
July 11, 2018 Competition continues
July 12, 2018 Last day of games

All athletes and coaches must arrive in Chicago on or before July 9 and stay through 7:00 P.M. on July 12. Games will begin at 8:00 A.M. on July 10 and conclude at 7:00 P.M. on July 12.

Each team will play 2 games on July 10 and 11 and 1 or 2 games on July 12


Info coming soon