Mamba Tournament of Champions

May 14-17, 2020
Thousand Oaks, CA



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In honor of the late Kobe Bryant, Nike’s premier tournament brand will be co-hosting a girls’ basketball event at the NBA legend’s Thousand Oaks, CA training facility.

The Mamba Tournament of Champions will be held May 15, 16, and 17, 2020 at the Mamba Sports Academy and surrounding venues. It will be open exclusively to high school aged girls travel teams and will be NCAA certified so that college coaches can attend for the purpose of evaluating prospective student athletes.

Perhaps the world’s best-known proponent and fan of women’s basketball, Kobe was passionate in providing opportunities for young women in the sport; the Tournament of Champions will strive to forward this goal.

Co-producing the event will be the organization of another legend who herself was inspired by Kobe: Diana Taurasi’s “Team Taurasi” will partner with the Tournament of Champions to plan the event, which will feature up to 96 elite teams. Given the nickname “White Mamba” by Kobe, the WNBA and Olympic superstar competed in Nike’s Tournament of Champions events as a high school athlete from 1995-99.

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Additional Information

For Coaches

All coaches must have a USA Basketball Coach License prior to the event. Individuals without valid licenses will not be permitted to engage in coaching activities or sit on the team bench, and must purchase a spectator pass and sit in the designated spectator area(s). The License application may be found here.

All athletes and coaches must be registered in the NCAA BBCS. Returning users should renew their previous account and not create a new one. For team events, coaches will use their players’ registration to create their bench/roster. Visit the NCAA BBCS here.

For more information on athlete and coach registration and for access to the ECAG User Manual, visit the NCAA basketball certification website by clicking here.

All athletes must have a parent or legal guardian sign our online Waiver of Liability by May 1. Players without signed waivers will not be allowed to compete or to attend the event, no exceptions. Parents must use their own computer or device (home or office) to sign the waiver and enter their own email addresses (not their daughter’s). Multiple waivers signed from the same IP address or device will be rejected (this is necessary to prevent one person from signing all waivers). Any attempt to defraud this system will result in removal from the event.

In order to insure that all of your athletes are eligible to compete, it is very important to direct parents and guardians to complete the Parent or Guardian Waiver of Liability

All scorekeepers and clock operators will be provided.

Each team is responsible for providing its own basketballs, drinking water, and training supplies (tape and pre-wrap).

Certified athletic trainers will be available from one hour prior to the first game until the conclusion of the last game on each day. Players wishing to be be taped prior to games are responsible for providing their own tape and pre-wrap.

For College Coaches

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For Athletes

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For Spectators

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Mamba Sports Academy

1011 Rancho Conejo Blvd,

Newbury Park, CA 91320


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Participating Teams

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Attending College Coaches

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May 14, 2020 All teams arrive in Thousand Oaks
Ma 15, 2020 Games begin
May 16, 2020 Games continue
May 17, 2020 Games conclude

All athletes and coaches must arrive in Thousand Oaks on or before May 14 and stay through 9:00 P.M. on May 19.



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